End Of Night Checklist

GARBAGE All stinky garbage thrown away outside in dumpster, in sealed garbage bag.
OVEN      Stove / burners / heaters are OFF.
COFFEE   Coffee pot off and machine cleaned.
DISHES   All dishes are clean and put away properly
DOOR     Kitchen door locked.
LIGHTS   All lights OFF.
DOORS     Check all doors to make sure they are all locked.
AC:          Set the air conditioner to 81 (in summer) and OFF in winter. FAN on AUTO.
CANDLES  No candles burning ANYWHERE.
BATHROOMS  All bathroom doors open, toilet paper replaced and lights off.
DJ BOOTH  Amps, mixer, lights, computer, music, ipod, etc – turned off.
BIG FAN    Big Ass Fan OFF.
LIGHTS    Properly turn off lighting board so all gallery lights are off.
DOORS      Lock the rear VIP alley door.
AC            Set the air conditioner to 78.  FAN on AUTO.
BATHROOMS  All Bathrooms lights OFF, doors open.
LIFT          Bring almost all the way up and lights and fan off.
BALCONY  All tables and Chairs inside. Lock the balcony door.
LIGHTS     All lights OFF. Orange light on light switch means OFF.
SUITE WALL AC   turned off (use white remote – so green light on bottom is OFF)
SUITE DOOR     Leave suite door open and everything OFF except air filter left on high.
LIQUOR    Liquor closet lights off, door locked,
LIGHTS    Hall lights OFF, light switches on west closet wall under stairs
OFFICE    Computer monitor and all electronic devices, fans etc OFF
OFFICE    Check and lock office alley door then lock office main door.
OFFICE    Courtyard power switch for lights turned OFF.
OFFICE    Office lights, fans, computer monitor off & OFFICE DOOR LOCKED
OFFICE     Nothing left on floor or under shelves.
BAR AREAS – up and down
FLOORS   Floor swept and mopped clean. Make sure it’s really clean.
FLOORS   Use flashlight and check. Wipe with a wet napkin. Is it CLEAN?
GARBAGE  Garbage taken out in sealed bags put into cans.
SINKS       Burn all ice and Clean all Sinks
BEERS       Coolers properly Filled with beer, wine and bottled waters
WINES      All wines, fruits, and juices SEALED and DATED properly
COOLER FAN  Beer cooler FANS are NOT blocked
Everything put away back to proper location
All banks accounted for properly, all bills wrapped and labeled properly.
All banks in safe (Small events like ESC, lock bank in Aloha drawer)
Clean out, drain and TURN OFF dishwashers.
FAN & HOSES   Hoses put away and turned off. BIG FAN OFF.
Turn off overhead courtyard lights, switch found behind front gate on north building
Turn off courtyard LED lights via switch to right of electric panel in rear of office
GATE  Lock rear alley fence gate and front gate (turn lock parallel to ground)
LINENS             Strip all dirty linens off tables – leave clean linens on tables:
WHITE TAGS:     in BLUE BINS in OFFICE 1 x 120″ 1 x 90x 132
ORANGE TAGS:  all in PURPLE DUFFEL BAGS in hall bathroom
LINENS   Get all CLEAN linens needed for next event (consult floor plan) from office
List any items damaged during the event and notify Michael@nova535.com
Are ALL doors locked??  
3 x REAR, 1 x Side, 2 x Front, Rear Gate, Ice Machine Door, Front Gate

Set your alarm code – lock final door (side or south front) behind you.