NOVA 535 Vendor Expectations

NOVA strives to provide a 5 STAR world-class experience for every guest. Please smile and focus on helping to delight OUR guests!




3 Steps to Get PAID by NOVA (when you are not being paid by the client)

#1  Email your INVOICE to
#2 will send you a link to
#3  Follow account set-up instructions (it's free and takes 5 minutes)

** If you submit your invoice late it will be paid on the next pay period, with no exceptions. **





ENTERTAINMENT VENDORS ( DJ, Band, Musicians, Photographers, Entertainers Etc)

NOVA provides:

DJ, Band, Musicians, Photographers, Entertainers, Etc:

DJ Provides:

BAND Provides:

BAR STAFF (Bartenders, Barbacks, and Dishwashers. )




Considered STEALING and is a reason for termination:



VALET and SECURITY (Valet, Security, and Doorman )








20 DAYS PRIOR: Final headcount received by NOVA.




NOVA 535 Vendor Expectations

NOVA strives to provide a 5 STAR world-class experience for every guest at every event. You are representing NOVA and yourself, so smile and focus on delighting our guests! 


() Vendors are independent companies/contractors, not employees of NOVA 535 (hereafter "NOVA"), and if you make over $600/year you will receive a 1099 from Art Lounge 535, LLC, which does business as NOVA 535. 
() Vendors must be properly licensed (where required), always insured and must maintain updated PDF copies of both online with NOVA.
() Load-in and out day of event only and ALL items must be removed at end of the event, no exception.


Everything revolves around where all your NOVA event details are found, including contact info for NOVA Venue Manager, vendors, and our client. Everything is located and included VENUE MAP + TECH RIDER heretake a VIRTUAL TOUR of NOVA, relax as our NOVA Bar is always open with ALL beverages provided by NOVA. Our Event Rentals (tables, chairs, linens, stages, etc) come from NOVA Inventory plus here is our Parking and Directions so please remember DO NOT PARK in Hospital before 6 pm, nor in the alley nor in the NOVA courtyard entry driveway at anytime. Curious about NOVA Pricing or need HELP?  Welcome to our historic, award-winning venue NOVA 535; where we give everyone our 5-Star best, that's The NOVA Way!

() Clean hygienic appearance, no smelling of cigarettes, perfumes, colognes, etc.
() No chewing gum, tobacco, no drinking or drugging at NOVA, arrive sober, fresh and ready to provide excellent service. 
()  Water, coffee, tea and soft drinks available for free (no red bull) to vendors.
() Eating done out of view from clients and guests (not in the kitchen.)
()  NOVA is NON SMOKING, with guest (not vendor) smoking permitted on the upstairs balcony and outside in the courtyard. Do not smoke while working at NOVA.
() Dress and act professionally, reflecting our world-class expectations. 
() Phones on silent / Vibrate. Focus on delighting our guests
[]  Think Safety!! Keep floors dry and clean. See something on the floor, pick it up or notify the bar staff/manager immediately.
()  NOVA Manager is the ultimate authority during any NOVA event.
()  Positive attitude at all times. Look the guest in the eyes and SMILE. Always GREET clients before they greet you: "Welcome to NOVA".  “Yes Ma'am or No Sir”.  Never “yea” or “nah”. Err on the side of Professionalism. “You’re welcome or Thank You”. “Enjoy your evening.” “Thanks for coming to NOVA.”
()  NEVER fake knowledge. “I do not know. I will be happy to find out for you.” Then go and find out from the NOVA Venue Manager.


[] I realize that I have been hired as a 1099 Independent Contractor or Company (not as an employee) and that I am solely responsible for my own taxes, insurances and will take all precautions necessary for the safety and prevention of damages to persons and property when working with NOVA and at NOVA. All work is performed at my own risk and I hereby release and discharges NOVA and all it’s associated parties, vendors, owners, etc from all claims, demands, and rights, causes of action, present or future, whether known, anticipated or unanticipated, resulting from or arising out of, or incident to, the Contractor’s performance of work for Art Lounge 535 dba NOVA 535.

 PAID BY NOVA (not by the client) 

HOW to GET PAID ( NOVA is paperless, NO paper checks.)
#1  email your 1st INVOICE to
#2 will send you a link to (wait for email from with link, THEN set-up your account)
#3  follow account set-up instructions (it's free and takes 5 minutes)

INVOICE (for workdays 1-15) is DUE on the 10th, for you to be paid on the 15th.  PAY IS FOR PREVIOUS PERIOD. EXAMPLE April 1-15  is paid on April 30th.

INVOICE (for work days 16-last day of month) IS DUE on the 25th: for you to be paid on the last day of the month. PAY IS FOR PREVIOUS PERIOD = EXAMPLE April 16-30 is paid on May 15th

** If you submit your invoice late it will be paid on the next pay period, no exceptions. **

FOOD VENDORS  (Caterers include Food Trucks, Bakeries, Desserts)


[]  Caterer to provide enough properly trained staffing (servers, chefs, manager, busboys, etc.)
[]  NOVA provides the floorplan so do not arrive day of and attempt to change the floorplan. 
[]  Caterer to have physically toured NOVA kitchen and venue at least 14-days prior to event, meeting with NOVA Manager. All operations, staffing, layout, floorplans, systems, supplies, napkin folding, etc are to be agreed upon in writing with NOVA by 14 days prior to event.
[]  NOVA provides ice, glasses and all beverages. NO outside beverages allowed. 

[]  CATERER and STAFF to arrive (at least) 2 hours before start time.

[]  Upon arrival catering team to meet with Venue Manager to discuss the event expectations and duties and any special client requests. 
[]  Caterer to avoid anything that causes smoke inside the building.  Inside of NOVA is SMOKE FREE. Unsure? Cook outside in the courtyard.
[]  Kitchen door is to remain closed at all times to help ensure the security of everyone on-premise.
[]  No frying/grilling permitted within 5 feet of the building, use east end of the courtyard between alley and bamboo, cover bricks (with plastic/tarp) to ensure no grease stains.
[]  Caterer to PROVIDE all plates, serving dishes, flatware, chafing dishes, napkins, servers, etc UNLESS client has rented plates, flatware, napkins from NOVA. NOVA provides tables, chairs and table linens.
[] Caterer to always provide all serving items and servers. 
[]  Caterer responsible for BUSSING / CLEANING entire property of all food, desserts, cakes, plates, glasses, flatware, etc from all surfaces around NOVA (downstairs, upstairs, suites, 10 restrooms, outside courtyard, and 2nd-floor balcony) and returning all to the kitchen.  ANY NOVA ITEMS USED to be cleaned and all spots, stains, removed and returned to the proper location. Napkins are to be placed in a designated container.

[]  Caterer to double check that they are removing all of THEIR possessions and NOT REMOVING NOVA's items.

[]  TURN OVEN OFF when cooking is finished.
[]  Kitchen and hallway to be swept and mopped thoroughly and completely. All food, debris and trash to be cleaned completely off of all surfaces and inside of any NOVA coolers used, all coffee/tea pots cleaned, entire work area cleaned and all items returned to their proper locations. Everything not belonging to NOVA to be removed. All garbage taken outside in sealed plastic bags and disposed of properly INTO black containers with outside garbage container lid CLOSED. Any outside container can be used, though NORTH containers are preferred.  
[]  MOP WATER POURED into DRAIN UNDER 3-COMP SINK - NEVER INTO ALLEY,  ALL GARBAGE and ALL BOXES (broken down) MUST BE PUT INTO black RECEPTACLES in alley.  Once all is completed, Caterer to review event with NOVA to resolve any issues that may have arisen during the event and only after NOVA Manager agrees all is satisfactory, Caterer may leave.

 ENTERTAINMENT VENDORS  ( DJ, Band, Musicians, Photographers, Entertainers Etc) 

[]  DJ brings own DJ mixer, microphone and whatever the DJ plays on (laptop? turntables?)
[]  DJ to connect via our XLR output to our house mixer.
[]  NOVA has speakers, subs, amps, lighting, and big DJ booth with table.
[]  If bringing digital images (must be .jpeg) or video (must be .mov) and must be in digital format (no DVDs) to play on our WINDOWS laptop (not Mac), and must be tested at least 2 days prior to event.

NOVA provides: 
[]  House Mixer, Crowne Amps and Concert Grade Speakers and Subs located at the DJ booth, the center of the 2nd floor, is where most all sound is SOURCED from. This is where the DJ plays and where our NOVA (Windows) LAPTOP is located.
[] NOVA LAPTOP (windows not mac) is used to source MUSIC from websites, playlist, etc. used to source photo Slideshows / Videos / Websites.

DJ, Band, Musicians, Photographers, Entertainers, Etc:
[]  Must be on-site and ready to play 60 minutes prior to the start of the event.
[]  Questions? Ask the NOVA “Systems Tech” or “Venue Manager”
[]  Must connect your mixer (out) into NOVA house system via XLR so your sound is played through the entire property. No exceptions
[]  Volume of your music is ultimately determined by Team NOVA and if we request you to raise/lower your volume you are expected to accommodate us. The sound is louder downstairs than it is upstairs. NOVA has final authority over all vendors and decisions during events at NOVA. 

DJ Provides:
[]  DJ to provide everything necessary to plug into NOVA house mixer via XLR. (Not RCA, XLR)
[]  DJ must attend rehearsal if ceremony held at NOVA
[]  No beverages allowed in the DJ booth

BAND Provides:
[]  All equipment necessary to perform plus two XLR cables to tap into our house sound system so your sound is playing through all of our speakers.
[]  BAND plays at the center of the WEST wall in the main gallery (ground floor).
[]  The SOUTHERN gallery DOORS must not be blocked (FIRE EXIT) so the band may play from the north end of south doors over towards the north wall.
[]  To organize themselves and equipment to look as world-class as possible
[]  BAND to ensure all cords are covered and properly secured - no trip hazards allowed.

 BAR STAFF  (Bartenders and Barbacks; [plus any Dishwashers being paid by NOVA] ) 

[]  Dress in clean, pressed, all-black attire: team NOVA or black button-up shirt, dress slacks, comfortable close-toed dress shoes (flats).
[]  NOVA is a 5 Star Venue always look and act accordingly.
[]  NO outside beverages allowed. ALL beverages sold by NOVA.
[]  Each BARTENDER and BARBACK team to be using a Motorola Radio & Earpiece to communicate w/each other.
[]  Have a working flashlight with you at all times.
[]  Make sure your station has working pens, paper, and all supplies.
[]  Wash Hands thoroughly before each shift and regularly during shift.
There is ALWAYS something to be accomplished; POLISH GLASSES and CLEAN something. Do not stand around using your phone.
Bar to be cleaned before, during and after each shift.
[]  Think Safety, Safety, Safety!! Keep floors dry and clean of debris during shift.

[]  Required to card anyone looking younger than 35 during ALL EVENTS
[]  Responsible to cut off intoxicated patrons and to call a cab when necessary.
[]  Verify monies (Bar Bank) provided in BEGINNING bar bag are equal to the amount stated.
[]  Positive attitude is required at all times. SMILE.
[]  All items (drinks, food, etc.) MUST BE RUNG IN every time, NO EXCEPTIONS.
[]  All credit card slips MUST BE SIGNED by the customer or YOU are responsible for paying that charged amount IF disputed by the customer.
[]  Check ID to verify the credit card is valid and belongs to that guest.
[]  All signed credit card receipts go into the register.
[]  All COMP and VOID items MUST include the name of COMP guest plus have the signature of manager with an explanation.
[]  NO ONE RUNS A TAB without valid credit card and ID.

[]  Bar is to be 100% ready to go 15 minutes prior to all events.
[]  Look customers in the eye, smile and LISTEN carefully to their wants and needs.
[]  Immediately acknowledge guests and let them know if you are unable to service them right away.

Considered STEALING and is a reason for termination:
[]  Over pouring.   LIQUOR is Single pour = 1.25oz,   Double Pour is 2.5oz  WINE = 5 ounce pour.
[]  Not ringing up drinks/items - every item to be rung up
[]  Lying to staff or customers.
[]  Taking items or / $$ that does not belong to you.
[]  Giving away drinks/items or undercharging for anything.  

[]  No drinks may be served after the event has ended.
[]  Ice is burnt, ice wells are cleaned, unless a well is being used tomorrow then properly cover it. Must burn ice after 2nd event.
[]  All beers, wines, waters, sodas, and liquors to be restocked after each event.
[]  Discuss with Manager what special items might be needed for the next event.
[]  Floors behind the bar to be swept and mopped after each shift. Clean carefully under everything.
[]  Nothing left on the floor except the empty glass racks on top of the coasters.
[]  Once the bartender has closed their register NO drinks are to be served by that bartender.

[]  After ALL side work and cleaning has been completed the "bar team" will count cash and credit card tips and split accordingly.
80% to bartenders and 20% paid to barbacks.
[]  Any tips via CHECKS or for BOTTLE SERVICE will be added on your next invoice to NOVA.
[]  Manager must confirm all closing procedures have been completed properly before you leave.
[]  WRITE CLEARLY your name, date and the EVENT NAME on top of your drawer’s closeout receipt, Sign your name on the line on bottom.
[]  Staple the credit card receipts (all receipts must be signed by customers) neatly organized behind the closeout slip (closeout receipt on top).
[]  Wrap the money owed inside of the closeout Receipt. 
[]  Face Bills so they are all facing same direction. 
[]  Put the beginning bank back in BEGINNING BAR BAG in neatly wrapped $100 wrappers
[]  Put smallest bills in the beginning banks we need for change. $1 and $5 and $10 only please.
[]  Put ALL of the wrapped closeout receipts and cash due NOVA into the DEPOSIT BAG labeled for that day.

 VALET and SECURITY  (Valet, Security and Doorman ) 

[]  Start working 30 minutes prior to event and end after last guest taken care of properly, unless start / end times indicated differently on MNE.
[]  Professional dress and positive “it’s all about our clients” attitude.“Yes Sir and Ma’am” and “Welcome to NOVA”. Polite language only.
[]  No food / beverages to be visible to clients.. Eating is to be done before / after work.

[]  Most always, entry is from MLK Street into and down Courtyard, then left into NOVA.

[]  VALET are to bring everything necessary to provide professional valet services: Nice looking locking valet stand, tickets, umbrellas, mini flashlights, etc.

SECURITY / DOORMAN: (hereafter Security)
[]  DOORMAN to remain outside of FRONT gate at all times, to welcome in guests “Welcome to NOVA, entry is just ahead on your left”.
[] Doorman to only come into NOVA for restroom break / to get water or during inclement weather, otherwise doorman to remain out front of entry gate at all times. If inclement weather, the doorman to remain outside of side entry door. Let Manager or Bartender know when you leave your post.
[] Keep gate closed, and close gate door quietly.
[]  You are representing NOVA and are expected to act like you would in front of your Grandparents. Calm, respectful, welcoming, professional.

[]  Professionally dressed, dress pants and shirt tucked in, (suit vest suggested) belt, dressy yet comfortable shoes. Suit Jacket during cooler months. This is a finesse position, not for “bouncers”. Doorman are used (almost always) for Weddings, Receptions, and Private Events.

[]  Dressed in “Security” Shirt, dark pants,  nice comfortable dark shoes. Professional calm level headed professionals only. Security is (most always) used for Public Events. 


[]  Start working 3 hours prior to event and end after last guest taken care of properly, EON process completed.
[]  Questions?   URGENT  727-642-1526.
[]  GUEST ENTRY Most always from MLK Street into Courtyard, then left into NOVA. Start times are stated event start times, not any earlier. 
[] VENUE MANAGER is 100% responsible for the venue, our clients and their guests (called guests from here onward) . 5 Star Customer service, aka The NOVA Way, is about proactively finding solutions. It’s about empathizing with our guests and making them smile, even those who are unhappy. We kill them with kindness, we make them feel warm and fuzzy. We stick to our rules AND make them happy by asking the right questions until we find out what they REALLY want and we find creative solutions to get there. Without our guests there is no NOVA.


[]  Final headcount due (TOTAL = Adults + Under 21 Minors). 
[]  Final payment due to NOVA , Ceremony Rehearsal (when applicable) scheduled after final headcount and payment has been made.
[]  Finish scheduling of staffing, put in all special orders, order supplies, linens, beverages, etc.

20 DAYS PRIOR: Final headcount received by NOVA.
[]  Final client invoice paid, signed, dated and emailed back to NOVA (as pdf)
[]  Final floorplan(s) reviewed, signed, dated and emailed back to NOVA (as pdf)
[]  Confirm final headcount and that invoice is updated and accurate BEFORE client makes final payment, ALL PAYMENTS are NONREFUNDABLE.

[]  SLIDESHOW / VIDEOS:  Email or share with Google drive to 
       FORMAT:  Photos (.JPEG or .PNG)  Videos (.MOV or .MP$)    (no DVDs)
[]  Vendor / Band / Entertainment walkthrough for all final details
[]  ALL FINAL DETAILS ARE LOCKED IN. Any changes from now to event day result in a $ 95 per item change fee. This is where mistakes get made, in the final days and rush, so that's why we require that EVERYTHING 100% locked in by 14 days.

[]  Confirm all vendors
[]  Ceremony rehearsal is held (when applicable) and DJ / Band, Officiant and any Ceremony related vendors are required to attend.

3 HOURS PRIOR = NOVA VM opens for Set-Up for grand events (Weddings, Receptions, Mitzvahs).
2 HOURS PRIOR = NOVA VM opens for Set-Up for intimate events (meetings, seminars, smaller parties)
SCHEDULED START  = NOVA VM opens doors for guests
SCHEDULED END  = Music / Entertainment ends and house lights are gradually turned on.  PARTY is OVER.  Guests are to collect EVERYTHING they brought in and make their way safely home. TAXI info NOVA’s PREFERRED VENDORS LIST.  or use the Uber App

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