Signature Cocktails


We are delighted to create signature cocktails (single pour) for your prepaid bar PACKAGE. You can choose any items within your prepaid package and we’ll serve them to your guests, as they are ordered, at the bar. If you want any items that are not already included here, we will bill you accordingly. To include any items that are found on a higher package, that higher package must be ordered, no substitutions allowed. Printed bar menus available for purchase.

All beverages MUST be purchased from NOVA 535, no outside beverages allowed.  Drinks are single pour, if you want a double pour add $3 / guest) for your prepaid bar PACKAGE.

A cocktail price is comprised of 3 things:
1 = Liquor Quality: Call, Premium, Top Shelf, Supernova
2 = Ounces of liquor in the cocktail: 1.5 ounces = Single,  3.0 ounces = Double
3 = Other ingredients (mixers) in the cocktail.

What we need from you:

Exact Cocktail Menu: Example: Patron Tequila 1.5 ounces, 2.0 ounces Lime Juice, 2.0 ounces agave (or simple syrup). Salt rim of glass.  Lime Wedge.
You can give us a COLOR (pink, blue, green, etc), THEME (Valentine’s, Holidays, Summer Refreshing, etc), or TASTE (sweet, sour, etc) and we’ll offer you suggestions.

No outside beverages allowed as ALL beverages MUST be supplied by NOVA.

Must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol, please drink responsibly. A 20% fee is added to any walk-out tabs. All beverages served at the bar, and each person must be present at bar with valid ID when ordering alcoholic beverages. All prices, services and offerings subject to change until under contract. We are happy to source any beverages legally distributed in Florida. Bottle-Package pricing only available to booked clients when paid in full at least 14 days in advance of event. Bar prices INCLUDE sales tax, Packages are Price PLUS sales tax.